In addition, EcoCard guarantees that funds are actually available before approving a transaction. This check reduces fraud and totally eliminates chargebacks.

In terms of confidentiality, EcoCard guarantees that none of your personal details will be disclosed to a third party. This makes this system a great alternative to a credit card.

Registering with Ecocard

If you wish to benefit from an EcoCard for free, please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Ecocard site and click on “Free registration”;

2. Enter an email address, a password, a currency (a choice between a large number of currencies including Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen, Slovenian Crown and Danish Crown), one question and answer for security (used to gain access to the account if you forget your password or email address) and an authentication code which appears on the screen used to prevent any automatic registrations. Then click on “continue”;

3. Fill in your personal details;

4. Confirm the details by clicking on “confirm”;

5. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email and click on the activation link. Activate the account by entering the user name;

6. Go through the steps to check your identification. You will receive a unique identity code (ID) linked to your account. It will be required for each transaction that you will make using your EcoCard virtual wallet.

Depositing money to your Ecocard account

If you want to credit your EcoCard account, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Ecocard site, click on “login” and enter your user name and password;

2. Click on the “Money deposits” tab and choose one of the three following options. bank deposit, credit card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer. This is only available to users residing in Canada.)

3. Follow the instructions and enter the desired amount (no limit applies);

4. Confirm the deposit (only for bank deposits).

Deposits made using this system will take between a few hours to five days to process and appear on your EcoCard account.